IPROMA launches new Website

IPROMA launches new Website Ana Vazquez
IPROMA releases a new Website (www.iproma.com), with new contents, display and further social media integration. On this Website ours costumers will find all the services provided by IPROMA, displayed in three main work areas: 
  • Analytical services, activities related to the environmental analysis and occupational hygiene.
  • Studies and consultancy services, activities that the company offers related to the study, management, advising and technical support in different expertise areas.
  • Fieldwork, including sampling, in-site measurements, environmental inspections and other fieldwork activities related to the environmental monitoring.
Also, through the Website the costumer could check more information about the company; the accreditations and homologations from different International, National and Autonomic Organisms hold by the company; our main lines of research and our main references, along with different links to the main associations and organisms involved in environmental monitoring.

Líderes en servicios integrales para el medio ambiente. Nuestras acreditaciones ENAC nos avalan.

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Eurofins Enviroment Testing Spain es la red de empresas referente del sector ambiental en España, perteneciente al grupo Eurofins Scientific. Gracias a nuestras múltiples acreditaciones ENAC ofrecemos un servicio integral medioambiental en análisis, control, inspección y consultoría.


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