IPROMA assess the Indoor Air Quality of LOS SAUCES School

IPROMA assess the Indoor Air Quality of LOS SAUCES School Ana Vazquez
The school Los Sauces in Moraleja (Madrid) has chosen IPROMA to carry out an assessment of the Indoor Air Quality of its nursery school, according to the quality criteria set in France by Decree 2012-14 for this type of establishments.
In France this study must be executed by a laboratory accredited under UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005, and should take place gradually until year 2023 in all the private and public schools, in order to assess the air quality of the classrooms where thousands of students spend great part of their scholastic life and therefore it can have a deep impact in their health.
In the nursery school of Los Sauces, where children of up to 6 years attend classes, different measurements of benzene, formaldehyde and dioxide of carbon, have been completed during a school week.
IPROMA is the only Spanish Lab accredited to the determinations of Benzene and Formaldehyde under UNE-EN ISO 16017-2: 2004 and UNE-ISO 16000-4: 2006 respectively, as set by Decree 2012-14.

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