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Our network of Accredited Laboratories and Inspection Entities distributed throughout the national territory, make us the leading provider of environmental services in our country.

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Environmental Consulting

Specialized consulting projects in the area of environment and sustainability for companies and public organizations executed by specialized teams.

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Inspection Entity

Centers accredited as Inspection Entity by ENAC in most areas of the Environment. Inspections and environmental control under ENAC accreditation.

Laboratorio medioambiental

Environmental Laboratory

Centers accredited as Inspection Entity by ENAC in most areas of the Environment. Inspections and environmental control under ENAC accreditation.

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Field work

Many of our services require advanced field work, using specialized equipment and the latest technology to achieve the highest quality.

Soluciones digitales Eurofins

Digital Solutions

We develop digital solutions for environmental management and PRL helping companies on their way to digitization and innovation, with maximum specialization.


Maximum Scope, Maximum Specialization

Through our wide network of specialized centers, we perform analysis and controls in all environmental matrices, making us the leading provider in environmental management. Consult all our services.

Our areas of activity

Specialized Water Laboratories. Maximum scope and maximum specialization in the field of water

Integral soil studies

Accredited Inspection Entity and ENAC Accredited Waste Testing Laboratory


Accredited atmospheric controls and specialized consulting

Specialists in Environmental and Marine Acoustics

Specialists in Aquatic Ecosystem Control and Hydrology
Industrial Hygiene Testing Laboratory Accredited by ENAC and Homologated

 Laboratories Specialized in Asbestos Fiber Analysis

Laboratories specialising in the analysis and characterisation of microplastics

Approved laboratories for environmental DNA analysis and characterisation



Our network of centers and laboratories are equipped with the latest technologies.

What makes us different?

Why are we the environmental laboratory network of reference?

01. Máxima Quality

We comply with the highest quality standards

02. Máxima Accreditation

We are endorsed by our ENAC accreditations

03. Efficiency

Your results on time

04. Geographic scope

Geographical presence throughout the territory

05. Integral services

We cover all environmental needs

06. Technology and digitization

Innovation and digitalization are in our DNA
eurofins Live app

EUROFINS Live: Immediate results on your mobile

This tool allows our clients to know in real time, in an agile way and from any compatible device, the results of their samples. It also allows you to download different data and documentation of interest to your business or create specific and customized alerts. The same system offers an online customer service that allows to solve in an agile, secure and personalized way any incident.

With EUROFINS Live, we provide our clients with more control and customization since, through an alert system, they can receive notifications when their analytics are available. This system also allows us to streamline our clients’ procedures.

Eurofins Environment Testing Spain

Committed to the quality of our service and to the development of new research projects based on innovation and state-of-the-art technology.


Belongs to Eurofins Scientific

Eurofins, with an international network of more than 900 laboratories in 54 countries, is a world leader in environmental laboratories, clinical diagnostic laboratories, services for forensic medicine, pharmaceutical, food and consumer products analysis in general, bringing together all the qualities that give it its leading position in the market as an independent laboratory of international reference.


Samples Analyzed


Specialized Technicians


Parameters Analyzed

Our accreditations endorse us

We develop our work according to the most rigorous quality standards. We have ENAC accreditations as a laboratory and inspection entity that guarantee our service. Quality, respect for the environment and efficient service to our customers are the parameters that govern the activity of Eurofins Environment Testing Spain.

We provide solutions that create value for the construction of a more sustainable environment.

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Committed to our society and our environment

In our commitment to our environment and our customers, we work to generate added value to our society and ensure a sustainable environment.

Locate your nearest center

We have a network of centers and laboratories throughout the country.

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Leaders in integral services for the environment. Our ENAC accreditations endorse us.

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Eurofins Enviroment Testing Spain is currently the reference in the environmental sector in Spain. Thanks to our multiple ENAC accreditations we offer a comprehensive environmental service in analysis, control, inspection and consultancy.


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