Digitize PPE management and save cost and time
All PPE documentation fully digitized and centralized in one place.

With Ecogestor EPIS say goodbye to paper, to the lack of traceability, to not finding the documents when the audits arrive. Ecogestor EPIS is the EPIS software that many companies are using because it facilitates the work of those responsible for risk prevention, digitizing and automating the entire management of personal protective equipment. It achieves amazing savings in time and money, while guaranteeing the safety of your employees.

What does Ecogestor PPEs include?
License for use of the software
Private consultant and technical service
Free software updates
Onboarding training
Digital record of PPEs deliveries
ecogestor epis equipos de protección individual

What is Ecogestor PPEs?

Ecogestor PPE is the software that will allow you to digitize and automate all the management and control of personal protective equipment in your organization. With Ecogestor PPE you will be able to know at any time the stock of PPE and the equipment given to employees.

Companies must guarantee the use by workers of personal protective equipment that adequately protects them from those risks to their health or safety that cannot be avoided or sufficiently limited through the use of collective protection means or the adoption of work organization measures.

Using a software such as Ecogestor PPE you will be able to keep control and evidence, for each job and for each employee, the necessary equipment according to the risks and personal characteristics of the worker. EcoGestor PPE is a practical tool to effectively manage the personal protective equipment (PPE) of an organization, ensuring warehouse control, deliveries to each worker according to their job and personal characteristics, the control of expiration dates of the PPE, as well as its proper maintenance.

Functionalities of EcoGestor PPEs

With EcoGestor PPEs the prevention manager can integrate in the same tool all the controls related to the delivery of PPES and the warehouse staff can make deliveries and returns according to their specifications.

From the application, the control and monitoring of the warehouse of all individual protective equipment, both deliveries and returns, is performed. The functionalities of Ecogestor PPES are:

PPE Inventory

File all information related to personal protective equipment, attach related documents, user manuals, etc. In the inventory, PPE can be related to the risks they cover.

Deliveries and returns

Manages deliveries and returns of PPE to workers. Multiple deliveries can be made (all PPE to the same worker, all PPE for one position, etc).

Warehouse control

Warehouse management with warnings of minimum stocks and control of the exits and entrances to the warehouse. Allows to manage more than one warehouse.

Management of PPE according to risks

Control of required PPE per worker and per job. The tool proposes the required PPE by cross-referencing the information with the risks.

Expiration control and revisions

Ecogestor PPES allows you to keep track of the expiration dates of the PPES as well as the revisions, with warnings when expiration dates occur.

Digitization of deliveries

Forget about paper deliveries. With Ecogestor PPES you can make deliveries and attach acknowledgements of receipt digitally.

ecogestor epis equipos de protección individual
ecogestor epis equipos de protección individual
ecogestor epis equipos de protección individual

Why Ecogestor PPES is the software of choice for Occupational Health and Safety Managers

Thanks to the EcoGestor PPES software, the processing of personal protective equipment is unified in a single point, clearly identifying the PPE in the workstations and the individual requirements in a personalized way for each worker. The parameterization of deliveries avoids confusion in the areas in charge of making them, ensures that each person has received the proper equipment for the tasks to be performed and immediately transfers the information to the prevention technician, all of which favors the reduction of accidents due to an incorrect control of the PPE delivered.

Advantages of EcoGestor PPES

With EcoGestor PPES software you will achieve an improvement in several areas of your company due to its features.


Available through the Internet 24×7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).


Automatic notification of expiration dates and other relevant changes.


All the necessary help to optimally implement the software and support by a specialized consultant.


SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, no installation of external components required.


Secure servers that ensure total confidentiality of the data included.


Translated into several languages for international use.

Do you want to know more about Ecogestor PPES?

Ecogestor PPES is the definitive tool for the control of epis in an organization. If you want to know the tool and its functionalities, ask us for a free demo totally customized.

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