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Our network of environmental laboratories of Eurofins Environment Testing Spain offers its clients the maximum specialization and scope in the analysis of environmental testing, which makes us a benchmark in the field of environment in Spain, thanks to the wide range of accredited parameters, our territorial scope and the ability to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Our environmental laboratories allow us to respond to the analytical needs of all sectors with the greatest specialization and territorial scope. We have the maximum number of accredited analysis parameters, encompassing all types of environmental matrices: water, soil, waste, air, aquatic ecology, etc.

Types of samples or matrices analyzed

In our environmental laboratories we perform analyses in all environmental matrices:


Inland (surface and subway), waste, consumer and marine.

Emissions/Environmental air (Immissions)

Sampling supports for stationary source emissions and ambient air.


Waste destined for landfill, for agricultural use, sludge, sludges, technosols and waste leachates.


Potentially contaminated soils and associated groundwater.


Characterization of dredged material and marine sediments


Fish, mollusks and other indicators.

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene Sampling Stands.

Maximum scope in tests and analysis parameters:

We cover any analytical need such as:

Global and physical and chemical properties


Global indicators of organic contamination

Majority elements

Metals and elemental analysis

Volatile organic compounds

Semi-volatile organic compounds

(pesticides, PCB’s, PAH’s, Butyltin compounds, phenols, etc.)





Natural gases

Asbestos and other fiber counts

Emerging contaminants (pharmaceuticals, hormones, PFAS, etc.)

Sampling and on-site measurement services

We have personnel specialized in the sampling of different matrices (water, soil, sediments, aquatic organisms, etc.), with specialized equipment and material means. Sampling is accredited according to the UNE-EN-ISO 17025 standard. We perform “in situ” measurements that include the determination of parameters that, due to their characteristics or instability, must be measured immediately or it is advisable to measure them in the field.

We also offer our customers the possibility of the integral management of containers and supply of the necessary sampling supports, for the realization of the sampling by the customers.

análisis Indicadores biológicos

ENAC Accredited Laboratories

Our network of laboratories are accredited by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) according to UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 as Testing Laboratories in the Environmental sector. This allows us to assure our customers the quality and reliability of the results issued.

The ENAC Accreditation is complemented with other certifications and approvals by the different Administrations that make us the reference network of environmental laboratories at national level.

Specialization and fields of activity

Maximum reach, maximum specialization

Contaminated soil analysis

Analysis of all parameters of contaminated soils

Water Analysis

Surface water, groundwater, seawater, wastewater, etc.

Biological indicators

Calculation of biological indexes, Macroinvertebrates, Phytoplankton, Macrophytes, etc.

Emissions and ambient air analysis (immissions)

Supply of sampling and analysis supports for pollutants in emissions and immissions into the atmosphere.

Analytical controls for WWTPs

Controls at WWTPs and water management entities

Analysis in industrial installations

Analysis of discharges, quality of the environment according to Environmental Authorizations

Control and monitoring of environmental water quality.

Inland, marine, groundwater, etc.

Legionella control

Legionella testing of at-risk facilities

Landfill control

Analysis for landfill control according to legislation

Sediment and biota control

Fish, mollusks and other indicators.

Hydromorphological characterization studies

In inland water bodies (hydrological regime, fluvial continuity, morphological conditions)


Measurement of liquid flow in open channels using flow meters or floats; ecological flow rates and batimetries

Industrial hygiene analysis

Supply of sampling and analysis supports in industrial hygiene


What differentiates our laboratories?

  • We have a network of environmental laboratories distributed throughout the national territory, which makes us a reference supplier in the field of environmental analysis. In addition, we have the widest range of accredited parameters and environmental matrices, which allows us to cover all types of sectors and areas.

  • The direct relationship with our customers is our “seal of identity”. We work daily to offer the highest quality in our service and therefore, one of our main goals is the rigorous compliance of delivery times. In addition, we give individualized responses to emergencies, unforeseen events or specific requirements to our customers so that they always have the most efficient response possible.

  • Our accreditations endorse our effort to offer the highest quality service. We work under demanding quality standards so that our environmental laboratories can offer their services with the utmost rigor and reliability.

  • Our laboratories offer their clients a wide range of equipment, equipped with the latest technologies on the market and the experience of their staff for the development of new testing methods. Innovation and technology are two hallmark values of Eurofins Environment Testing Spain. Innovation and technology are two hallmark values of Eurofins Environment Testing Spain. All our results are digitized so that the customer can consult them in real time online.

  • We have a large number of accreditations from ENAC and other organizations that allow us to guarantee our customers the maximum reliability and quality of the results.s.

Maximum Digitization

In Eurofins Environment Testing Spain we want to move forward with new technologies, and therefore our technology team works daily in the development of new digital solutions to optimize the service to our customers. All the results issued by our laboratories can be consulted online for the follow-up and evolution of the samples, through our applications and mobile solutions.

All data is stored in compliance with the highest standards of security and confidentiality of information.

Innovation and Technology

From the specialization in the environmental sector and through innovation and technological development, our environmental laboratories are constantly evolving, improving their services and expanding their field of activity to new areas of growing interest. We work to offer our clients the best service with maximum innovation.

R&D&I Projects

Technology Watch

New Technologies

Training and continuous improvement

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Eurofins Enviroment Testing Spain is currently the reference in the environmental sector in Spain. Thanks to our multiple ENAC accreditations we offer a comprehensive environmental service in analysis, control, inspection and consultancy.


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