ENAC Water Testing Laboratory and Inspection Entity. Maximum scope, Maximum specialization in water.
Integral water service: sampling, analysis, inspection under ENAC accreditation.

ENAC accredited testing laboratory according to UNE EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Inspection Entity accredited by ENAC in accordance with UNE EN ISO/IEC 17020  

Collaborating Entity of the Hydraulic Administration

Accreditation for the application of the Ministry’s Dumping Inspection Protocol under ENAC Accreditation for the 6 objects of inspection.

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Integral design and monitoring of quality control networks for the receiving environment.

-Surface water-

  • Physicochemical and microbiological quality control of rivers, lakes, reservoirs and groundwater.
  • Control of ecological status including biological and hydromorphological indicators.
  • Control of priority substances.
  • Surveillance, operational, reference and intercalibration networks.
  • Specific controls (fish life, prepotables, bathing waters, nitrate network, etc.).

Design and operation of networks for quality control of the receiving environment

-Marine waters-

  • Quality control of coastal, transitional and inland waters, according to the criteria of the Water Framework Directive.
  • Water quality control and discharges in port areas, according to ROM 5.1 criteria.
  • Control of bathing waters, according to Royal Decree 1341/2007.

Surveillance and inspection under ENAC accreditation -Discharges-

  • Accredited discharge inspection, according to UNE-EN-ISO 17020, verification of the degree of compliance with the conditions of the discharge authorizations.
  • Monitoring and control of discharges for compliance with the provisions of the discharge authorizations or integrated environmental authorizations.
  • Protocol for the Ministry’s Discharge Inspection under ENAC Accreditation for the 6 objects of inspection.

Integral control


  • Characterization of dredged material and marine sediments.
  • Sediment control according to the guidelines of the Interministerial Commission on Marine Strategies.
  • Study of the presence of pollutants and priority substances in sediments and biota.
  • Sediment sampling in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and sea by means of specific dredges.
  • Granulometric analysis by laser diffraction.
  • Characterization of dredged material.

Analysis by an accredited testing laboratory

– Discharges-

Accredited Testing Laboratory for the analysis of multiple parameters, among others:

  • Contaminant presence or elimination studies.
  • Study of priority substances, drugs and pharmaceuticals and other emerging contaminants.
  • Covid-19 analysis in wastewater

Analysis -Consumption Water-

  • Control of bottled drinking water
  • Control of drinking water treatment plants
  • Control of surface water and groundwater for drinking water production
  • Other drinking water services:
  • Management of results for inclusion in the National Drinking Water Information System (SINAC).
  • Elaboration of supply control protocols.
  • Advice on water chlorination.

Process and wastewater treatment plant optimization


  • Controls for the optimization of treatment processes.
  • Control and analytical support for the operation of wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Optimization of WWTPs

Quality control plans for the receiving environment

– Inland waters –

  • Sampling and characterization of receiving water, analysis of pollution control parameters, progress reports.
  • Studies on the impact of discharges to receiving media in inland waters (rivers, lakes, reservoirs).
  • Study of surface water quality

Structural control

-Subsea pipelines and underwater structures-

  • Inspection of sewage pipelines and submarine outfalls.
  • Ship hull inspection.
  • Control of docks.
  • Inspection of dams.
  • Exploration of anchorages.
  • Inspection of aquaculture cages
  • Inspection of dikes and coastal structures
  • Filming of seagrass meadows.

Specialized consulting

-Waste and Water-

  • Support in the processing of discharge authorizations.
  • Calculation and optimization of discharge or sanitation fees.
  • Discharge study, advice and completion for E-PRTR registration.
  • Water cycle optimization

Environmental monitoring and inspection

-Discharges to the sea-

  • Environmental monitoring of discharges into the marine environment by means of submarine outfalls, including water, sediment and organism sampling, benthic bottom monitoring, structural surveillance, etc.
  • Horizontal and vertical transects with multiparametric probe and GPS.

Control and analysis


Control of facilities for the prevention of Legionellosis, according to applicable legislation, including water supply systems, ornamental fountains, risk facilities, etc.

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Why do you need a
or water analysis?

You may need to perform controls in the field of water by:

  • Requirement of control or analysis of discharge in a discharge authorization or by legal requirement.
  • Need to perform analyses for EPRTR declaration.
  • Performing water analysis for self-monitoring
  • Determine the appropriate treatments according to water uses in industrial processes.
  • Requirement of the Administration to carry out a water monitoring plan.
  • Study of environmental impacts
  • Need to process a discharge authorization.



Our network of centers and laboratories has the latest technology and equipment to carry out our work in the field of water under the most rigorous and compliance with the legislative framework, backed by our accreditations. This makes us a reference in the field of water at national level.

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Why choose us?

01. Quality

Compliance with the highest quality standards.

02. Accreditations

Accreditation with maximum scope.

03. Solutions

Integral environmental solutions

04. Prestige

Belonging to an international group of great prestige.

05. Experience

Expert team with more than 35 years of experience.

06. Specialization

Consulting and specialized advice.

07. Scope

Maximum territorial scope.

Our ENAC Accreditations endorse us.

We are an Inspection Entity accredited by ENAC according to UNE-EN-ISO/IEC 17020 and a Testing Laboratory accredited according to UNE-EN-ISO/IEC 17025 in the field of water.
This guarantees our clients the fulfillment of the most demanding quality standards, providing confidence and reliability of the results.

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