Environmental genomics

We carry out environmental DNA analysis with the latest technologies

Laboratories specialised in environmental DNA analysis with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Quantitative Real-Time PCR (qPCR).

Types of analysis carried out

At Eurofins Environment Testing Spain we are specialists in the following types of analysis:

Environmental monitoring in the event of a health alert

We use DNA analysis techniques to accurately and quickly identify potential risks. This ensures an effective response in critical situations.

Biodiversity monitoring

Fundamental for understanding the state of health of an ecosystem and its conservation, allowing informed decisions to be made for effective management.

Using next-generation sequencing (NGS), we identify all species that have left DNA traces in environmental samples, whether from water (inland or marine), sediment or soil.

This technique, using different primers, allows us to detect a variety of taxonomic groups including invertebrates, macroinvertebrates, vertebrates, fish, amphibians and reptiles.

Detection of alien species

Important to stop the spread of invasive alien species in ecosystems and protect biodiversity.

Using quantitative PCR (qPCR) and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques, we detect traces of DNA that the species of interest have released into the environment.

Ability to characterise the entire microbial community in a single view

Indeed we employ advanced environmental DNA analysis methodologies to comprehensively characterise the microbial community in a single assessment.

In this way, we provide a complete picture of microbial diversity and facilitate informed environmental management decisions.

Why is there a need for
environmental DNA profiling?

On one hand, environmental genomics is the science of investigating the genetic material of organisms in natural environments to understand biodiversity and ecosystem health.

On the other hand, environmental DNA is the genetic material present in environmental samples, which provides valuable information on the diversity and distribution of species, including those that are difficult to observe directly.

In general, environmental DNA analysis is essential for assessing the health and diversity of ecosystems. It therefore enables informed decisions in natural resource management, ecosystem restoration and biodiversity protection in an ever-changing world.

Main objectives

In short, at Eurofins Environment Testing Spain we analyse environmental DNA with four main objectives:

  • Environmental monitoring in the event of a health alert
  • Biodiversity monitoring
  • Detection of alien species
  • Ability to characterise the entire microbial community at one go

Our environmental DNA analysis techniques

At Eurofins Environment Testing Spain we use advanced analytical methods to accurately characterise environmental DNA. We work with two main techniques:

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Explicitly this technique involves the massive generation of DNA sequences from environmental samples, followed by computational processing to identify and analyse the genetic diversity present in the environment.

Detailed study of microbial communities

In detail it enables the detailed study of microbial communities, the detection of species and the understanding of ecological interactions in a given ecosystem.

In essence metabarcoding is a specific application of sequencing on specific regions of DNA called “barcodes”.

Quantitative Real-Time PCR (qPCR)

This technique involves measuring the amount of a specific DNA fragment present in a sample. In fact this makes it possible to determine the relative abundance of certain micro-organisms or genes in an environmental setting.

Samples we analyse

In particular Eurofins Environment Testing Spain is equipped to analyse genetic material in a wide range of samples. Some of the samples we process include:




Living organisms


What sets our laboratories apart?

  • Generally we have a network of environmental laboratories distributed throughout the national territory, which makes us a benchmark supplier in the field of environmental analysis. In addition, we have maximum scope in terms of accredited parameters and environmental matrices, which allows us to cover all types of sectors and areas.

  • Dealing directly with our customers is our “seal of identity”. We work every day to offer you the highest quality in our service and therefore, one of our main goals is the rigorous fulfilment of delivery times. We also give individualised responses to emergencies, unforeseen events or specific requirements to our customers so that they always have the most efficient response possible.

  • Each batch of results shall be accompanied by positive and negative controls. During extraction and cleaning, particles of different sizes are recovered from both polyethylene and polystyrene reference materials.

    All analyses are carried out in a positive pressure laboratory, always employing good practices to reduce or eliminate background impurities.

  • Our laboratories offer their clients a wide range of equipment, equipped with the latest technologies on the market and the experience of our staff for the development of new testing methods. Innovation and technology are two of Eurofins Environment Testing Spain’s hallmarks. Innovation and technology are two of Eurofins Environment Testing Spain’s hallmarks, and all our results are digitalised so that clients can consult them online in real time.

  • We have a large number of accreditations from both ENAC and other bodies that allow us to guarantee our clients the maximum reliability and quality of the results.

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