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What is an Environmental Risk Analysis?

The Environmental Risk Analysis is a study that allows quantifying the environmental risk of an activity and it is also the necessary tool to define the amount of the financial guarantee according to the Environmental Liability Law, Law 26/2007.

The Environmental Liability Law, Law 26/2007, obliges certain operators of activities included in its Annex III, (with certain exceptions), to provide a financial guarantee for environmental risks. In order to determine the amount of such guarantee, it is necessary to carry out a prior Environmental Risk Analysis.

We perform Environmental Risk Analyses in accordance with the criteria and requirements of the regulations on Environmental Responsibility and following the reference standards UNE 150.008 for analysis and evaluation of environmental risk or equivalent.

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Which activities are required to perform an Environmental Risk Analysis?

If you have any doubts about whether your company is obliged to carry out an Environmental Risk Analysis, you can contact our team of experts in the field and they will clarify your doubts.

They are obliged to provide the financial guarantee:

  • Activities under Law 16/2002, of July 1, 2002, on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC).
  • Activities subject to the scope of application of Royal Decree 1254/1999, of July 16, 1999, regulation of serious accidents involving hazardous substances (SEVESO).
  • Waste management activities of extractive industries, in the case of facilities classified as category A, according to the provisions of Royal Decree 975/2009, of June 12.

They are exempt from constituting the financial guarantee:

  • Operators whose risk assessment results in an amount of less than 300,000 euros.
  • Operators whose risk assessment results in an amount between 300,000 euros and 2,000,000 euros but are certified in ISO 14001 or EMAS.
  • Use for agricultural or forestry purposes of phytosanitary products and biocides (letters c and d of section 8 of Annex III).
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Benefits of conducting an Environmental Risk Analysis

  • Comply with environmental responsibility legislation.
  • Reduce the risk of environmental accidents.
  • Avoid environmental sanctions.
  • Save repair costs.
  • Protect the environment and people.
  • Reduce financial guarantee.


We perform Environmental Risk Analyses in strict compliance with the Environmental Responsibility legislation, as well as the UNE 150.008 Standard for environmental risk analysis and assessment or equivalent and international reference standards.

Our work methodology for the performance of environmental risk analysis follows the following phases:

  1. Identification of accident scenarios and probabilities of occurrence.
  2. Calculation of environmental risks for each scenario.
  3. Establishment of financial guarantee amounts.
  4. Estimation of costs of prevention and avoidance of pollution and damage to natural resources.
  5. Responsible declarations.

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