Radon analysis
Analysis of exposure to radon gas accredited by the EN-ISO 17025 standard for compliance with Royal Decree 1029/2022.

 We use detectors that guarantee the precise measurement of radon concentration levels in any location.

Comprehensive service thanks to our cooperation with radon gas measurement companies

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What is radon?

Radon gas is a naturally occurring radioactive gas originating from uranium. The gas is colourless, odourless and tasteless. It is a gas that does not present any great risk if we are outdoors.

  • How do we expose ourselves to radon?

We are constantly exposed to radon. It occurs in small or large quantities in the soil, so-called underground radon, which is the most common cause of radon problems in indoor air.

  • How does radon get into our buildings?

Radon enters buildings through windows, water, cracks in the building and ventilation.

  • Why is Radon dangerous?

Numerous studies have confirmed that even moderate indoor radon concentrations are dangerous and pose health risks. The Nuclear Safety Council is the body with national competence for nuclear safety and radiation protection. Its mission is to protect the population from exposure to radon and other ionising radiation. It also monitors compliance with the exposure limits established by the legislation in force, which in the case of radon gas is particularly important when it is produced in enclosed spaces, such as homes and workplaces.

Radon analysis matrices

Radon in air

  • Indoor air measurement (houses, offices, schools, etc.)
  • Long and short exposure
  • Delivery of results: less than 10 days


Radon in water

  • Measurement in drinking water and inland water
  • Delivery of results within 3 days


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