Exploit data from your management systems intelligently
Digitally and intelligently control the indicators of your environmental (ISO 14001) and occupational risk prevention (ISO 45001) management systems.

EcoGestor Business Intelligence is an online software for monitoring indicators of environmental management systems and occupational risk prevention. Create your dashboards, graphically display the evolution of your environmental and ORP indicators and intelligently exploit all the information.

What does Ecogestor Business Intelligence include?
Software use license
Indicator management
Dashboard management
Technical support and private consultant
Graphs, tables, dashboards, multiple views of the data
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What is EcoGestor Business Intelligence?

Environmental (ISO 14001) and Occupational Risk Prevention (ISO 45001) management systems handle a large volume of data and indicators that organizations can use intelligently for decision making. Using a software for the management of environmental and ORP indicators you can have all the information digitized through dashboards, see the evolution graphically and track the degree of achievement of the objectives implemented. Use Ecogestor to transform all these environmental and occupational risk prevention data into information, and information into knowledge, optimizing the decision-making process based on objective criteria.

The EcoGestor software allows you to configure as many indicators as necessary and view the time and graphic evolution of these indicators for the intelligent management of the environment and the prevention of occupational hazards in any organization. In addition, it allows you to configure dashboards based on the indicators and to control whether the target values are reached for each case, as well as to keep track of the follow-ups carried out over time.

How does EcoGestor Business Intelligence work?

EcoGestor Business Intelligence allows the collection of environmental and occupational risk prevention data automatically dumped from other Ecogestor modules or externally entered by the client. This allows a wide flexibility in terms of data origin.

The data are transformed into environmental or occupational risk prevention “indicators”, even allowing the elaboration of more complex indicators based on mathematical formulas. These environmental and occupational risk prevention indicators can be visualized graphically to analyze the evolution over time and predict future actions.

The indicators can be used to configure dashboards and control whether the target values for each environmental and ORP indicator are reached, as well as to keep track of the follow-ups carried out over time.

Ecogestor Business Intelligence is the definitive tool for the intelligent exploitation of environmental and occupational risk prevention management systems.


EcoGestor Business Intelligence Features

Data dump (integration with other Ecogestor modules).

For customers who have other Ecogestor modules available, they can automatically dump their data. You can also enter external data in a simple way

Uploading attachments

Possibility of including attachments with the company’s own files and/or urls, favoring the monitoring of indicators or scorecards.

Graphical display of indicators (graphs, dashboard, table format)

Different formats for data visualization: table format, graphic formats, dashboard or control panel. It allows at any time to visualize in a very graphic and intuitive way the status of the indicators with respect to the objective to be achieved.

Calculation of statistics

It has not only data on the temporal evolution of the indicators but also statistical data, calculated by the system.

Environmental and occupational risk prevention indicators

Establishment of indicators and advanced data queries. Graphic visualization of evolution. Follow-up, queries and comparisons of inter-center indicators can be made.

Scorecards for monitoring objectives

Creates dashboards with various pre-configured indicators, visualizing their progress in tables and recording follow-ups. Allows easy control of the achievement of management system objectives.

Follow-up of objectives

You will be able to set your objectives to be achieved and keep track of the status of their achievement. Archive the tracking status at any time as evidence of the status.

Assignment of responsible persons with notifications to the mail

You will be able to assign responsible persons to each indicator or scorecard to the user, with e-mail alerts in case certain alert levels are reached.

Know in real time the performance of your environmental and occupational health and safety indicators.

In business strategies it is crucial to know in detail the behavior of your environmental, sustainability and occupational risk prevention indicators and also to know their evolution over time in order to increase performance and competitiveness. There are so many data and variables handled by ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 management systems with which system managers work, that today it is essential to have good software to help them interpret all these data, helping them in their decision making.

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Advantages of EcoGestor Business Intelligence

With EcoGestor Business Intelligence software you will have the technical assistance of our specialized consultants with whom you will get the maximum potential of the service, whose main features are:


Disponible a través de internet 24×7 (24 horas al día los 7 días de la semana durante los 365 días del año).


Automatically warns when targets are reached, limits are exceeded or preset values are exceeded


Graphical display of all analyzed data


It allows to save at any time “snapshots” of the status of the indicators on a given date that can be recorded as dashboard tracking.


SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, no installation of external components required.


Secure servers that ensure total confidentiality of the data included.


Available in several languages


All the help needed to implement the software optimally, with the support of a specialized consultant.

Complementary services

By contracting the EcoGestor Business Intelligence service, you will have access to a series of complementary services.

ecogestor CAE coordinación actividades empresariales

Training in the use of the EcoGestor application

Customized “in Company” training on the advanced operation of the application. Although the use of the software is totally intuitive, sometimes customers seek to get the most out of the tool and appreciate customized training.

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Turnkey configuration and commissioning

To speed up the control of this maintenance, the service includes the possibility for our consultants to carry out the complete implementation of the software according to the previous requirements of each organization.

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Ecogestor Business Intelligence

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