Exploit numerical data from your environmental controls and measurements
Software for intelligent management of environmental data

Perform your analysis and environmental controls with our laboratories and inspection centers and have all your data uploaded to the Ecogestor Controls platform for its exploitation.

What does Ecogestor Controls include?
Software for data management for all environmental vectors
Agenda for task management and due date reminders
Integration with Ecogestor Waste
Technical Support
Queries, graphs, data mining
ecogestor controles ambientales

What is EcoGestor Controls?

EcoGestor Controls is a tool for the control and digital exploitation of environmental data derived from the measurements of all the environmental vectors of an organization: emissions, waste, noise, discharges, water. With Ecogestor Controls you will have all the data centralized in a single point and ready for intelligent use.

Proper environmental management involves the management of a wide range of environmental data from measurements, whose treatment should allow to know the reality of the center and its most critical environmental points to act on them. With Ecogestor Controls you will have a 360º vision of your environmental impacts.

EcoGestor Controls is an advanced software where all the numerical information related to the different environmental vectors is stored, with the final objective of linking it to other Ecogestor solutions (evaluation of environmental aspects), or exploiting the information to extract trends and conclusions related to environmental management.


Digitize all your environmental measurements

Centralizes all information on a single platform

Upload all your data related to different measurement points, legal limits, control results (emissions, immissions, water, noise, waste, contaminated soils) on a single platform.

Data on all environmental vectors

It includes numerical results of all environmental vectors: discharge analysis, emission measurements, noise, waste, etc.

Notifications and expiration alerts to your mailbox

Can’t remember when your next measurement or analysis is due? With Ecogesror Controls you can activate tasks and due date alerts.

Outsource the service through our laboratories and inspection centers.

Contract with us your analysis and environmental controls and forget about uploading any data. Our laboratories will do it for you and you will only have to exploit the information.

Can be integrated with EcoGestor Management

You can integrate with the Ecogestor Management solution, which will allow you to obtain the evaluation of environmental aspects automatically, from the data already uploaded to the controls module.

Manage your Ecogestor agenda and set expiration warnings

Manage the due dates of your periodic analyses and inspections through the agenda module that allows you to activate tasks and e-mail alerts.

Integrated with Ecogestor Residuos: Software for digital management of WASTE.

Within the EcoGestor Controls application, the Ecogestor Waste solution, software for the control of waste (including SANDACH), can be acquired in an integrated or independent way, which allows compliance with the legal regulations required for the transfer and management of waste according to the legislation. Fully integrated with eSIR platform and platforms of the autonomous communities.

Allows the control, storage and creation of all documents required for the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste (E3L).

Treatment contract

Transfer notifications

Identification Document (DI).

Bills of lading.

Commercial document (SANDACH).

Automatic generation of the waste CHRONOLOGICAL FILE and the annual waste declarations for producers and managers.

ecogestor controles ambientales

Advantages of EcoGestor Controls


Available through the Internet 24×7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).


Translated into several languages for international management


Searches, filters, statistics and reports on the data recorded in an agile and easily viewable way for data exploitation.


Software based on the Environmental Electronic Exchange Language (E3L), which integrates with eSIR and regional platforms for the waste data part.


SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, no installation of external components required.


If you contract your measurements and analyses with us, the data will be recorded automatically. You will only have to consult the information uploaded by our laboratories and inspection centers for its exploitation.


All software updates and upgrades are completely free of charge for customers who have already signed up for the service.


We guarantee quality technical support with extensive experience in the control, monitoring and communication of environmental data.


Complementary services

Eurofins Environment Testing Spain has a network of laboratories and Inspection Entities accredited in the environmental field with which you can work in an integrated manner. The contracting of measurements and analysis with us will allow you to automatically upload the results of your measurements to our platform, for their exploitation and direct consultation. The environmental monitoring data of your organization will be uploaded directly by our laboratories to the Ecogestor controls application for consultation.

ecogestor controles ambientales

Testing Laboratory

Analysis of all types of environmental matrices. Management of containers for sampling with shipment and collection at the location indicated by the client.

ecogestor controles ambientales

Environmental Inspection

Accredited inspections in all areas of the environment by technicians with extensive experience and a high level of specialization in each area.

ecogestor controles ambientales

Internal management audits

Expert auditors perform the internal audits required by the main management systems, including verification of legal compliance, ensuring optimal preparation for the certification audit.

ecogestor controles ambientales

Servicios ambientales

Advanced environmental and sustainability consulting: carbon footprint calculation, energy efficiency audits, water cycle optimization, modeling studies and risk analysis.

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Other Ecogestor Solutions

ecogestor controles ambientales

Ecogestor Management

Software that improves the productivity of environmental management systems by digitizing and automating processes.

ecogestor legislacion

Ecogestor Legislation

Updating and advisory service on environmental legislation, occupational risk prevention, safety, food…

ecogestor no conformidades

Ecogestor Nonconformities

Fully automated nonconformity management software

ecogestor controles ambientales

Ecogestor Waste

Software for the management of all documents related to the shipment and management of waste. For waste producers and managers.


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