Put your Environmental Management System on autopilot
With Ecogestor Gestión you can automate 100% of your ISO 14001 Management System.

Digital solution for optimization of Environmental Management Systems with all the modules you need to comply with the ISO 14001 standard: objectives and goals, training, communication, emergencies, evaluation of aspects, management review, document manager. Can be integrated with Ecogestor Nonconformities.

What does Ecogestor Management include?
Objectives and Goals Module
Training module
Communication module
Emergency Module
Environmental Aspects Evaluation Module
Management Review Module
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What is EcoGestor Management?

Ecogestor Management is the software you need to manage in an integrated way, in a single tool, the ISO 14001 environmental management system, favoring the continuous improvement in all the processes involved, the digitalization of processes and the collaborative work of the entire organization.

EcoGestor Management includes several modules that provide solutions to the main requirements of an environmental management system: objectives, goals and programs, training, communication, emergencies, evaluation of environmental aspects, collecting all the incidents in the final report “management review”.

It allows the implementation and monitoring of environmental management systems without the need to derive the information on paper.


Reduce maintenance costs for your Environmental Management System

With EcoGestor Gestión you will have all the modules you need for the implementation of an environmental management system, with maximum efficiency and automation. Reduce time and costs while improving the performance of environmental management in your organization. In addition, from minute zero we will assign you an expert consultant in environmental management systems so that you can get the most out of our solution and enjoy all its advantages. Ecogestor Management includes the following modular solutions:


Identification of the environmental aspects of the organization and evaluation based on the criteria configured for the organization. This tool is connected with data on waste control, consumption, production and environmental monitoring to achieve maximum automation.


Management of training plans and courses to be carried out by the organization. The tool includes, among other options, the sending of invitations to attendees, registration of training action evaluations and attendance certificates.


Automatic “summary” reports to directly add the conclusions of the environmental management systems, even requesting online approval of the document from the organization’s management. The data is automatically dumped into the report.


Registration and management of internal and external communications received in the context of the environmental management system. The client can define its own classification of communications and decide whether or not they require a mandatory response. Communications can be assigned to responsible persons who will receive all notices to their e-mail address.


Planning, recording and management of actual and/or potential emergencies, as well as the necessary tasks arising from the emergency.


This module allows you to establish a scorecard of objectives and manage them by assigning people in charge of the goals and tasks aimed at achieving them. It shows in a simple way the state of progress of each one of them and is complemented with e-mail alerts when they are due.

Integration with Ecogestor Documentation: the modular solution for the control of documents associated with an Environmental Management System.

If you also want to go a step further in the automation of your Environmental Management System, you can integrate Ecogestor Management with our solution Ecogestor Documentation. With Ecogestor’s document manager you can manage, distribute and sign in a completely digital way the documents associated with your management system.

It is a service that makes it easier for users to manage and distribute the documentation of document systems by incorporating an e-mail notification system. This service allows organizations to manage and consult online the documents associated with their management systems, version management, approval flow and all this in a 100% digital and collaborative way.

EcoGestor Documentation Features

100% customizable approval flows

It is fully adapted to the structure of the company, plant or business unit and its flows of approval of environmental management system documents.

100% collaborative with different user profiles

You will be able to assign different user permissions to adapt the document system to your organization’s operation, with e-mail notifications.

Digital validation of documents

Forget about paper. With Ecogestor documentation all validations and document approvals are done online and notifications are sent to the email of each responsible.

Document version control

You will always be sure that all personnel are using the documents in the current version. You will be able to manage and control document versions.

Access roles and permissions

Different profiles and permissions to perform actions: view, elaborate, approve, etc.

Advantages of EcoGestor MANAGEMENT


Available through the Internet 24×7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).


Automatic email notifications of new versions, pending document approvals, etc. are activated automatically.


In several languages for international use


You will be able to perform the evaluation of environmental aspects 100% automatically.


SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, no installation of external components required.


You will have at your disposal the help of a private consultant expert in environmental management systems.


You will be able to integrate the document management tool, which will allow you to put your entire environmental management system on autopilot.


Dump all the information of your environmental management system in an automated way for the preparation of the management review report.

Complementary services

By contracting the Ecogestor Management service, you will have access to a series of complementary services:

ecogestor sistemas de gestion

Internal management audits

You can contract the performance of an internal audit of your management system or a legal compliance audit performed by our auditors who are experts in the field. In this way you can guarantee an optimal preparation for the certification audit.

ecogestor sistemas de gestion

Environmental diagnostics

Specific analyses in which our environmental consultants review the procedures and organizational structure, as well as facilities, environmental aspects and legal compliance in environmental matters of an organization.

ecogestor CAE coordinación actividades empresariales

Advanced EcoGestor application training

Customized training on the advanced operation of the application. Although the use of the software is completely intuitive, sometimes customers seek to get the most out of the tool through customized training.

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Ecogestor Management

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