The perfect Waste Software for waste managers and waste producers
  • EcoGestor Waste is the perfect waste software for both waste managers and producers that digitizes and automates all the legal documentation derived from the transfer and management of waste, with connections to all regional and e-SIR platforms.
  • The reason why waste managers and producers are saving time and money in the management of their waste.
What does Ecogestor Waste include?
Software use license
Support with specialized consultant
Connections to regional platforms and e-SIRs
Digitization of all documents: chronological archive, NT, DIs, annual reports, etc.
Free software updates
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What is EcoGestor Waste?

Ecogestor Waste is a waste management software that digitizes all the documentation related to waste transfer and management.

The control of waste (including SANDACH waste) involves handling a large volume of documentation to ensure the proper management of such waste in accordance with current legislation.

EcoGestor Waste is the waste software that allows you to fully manage the management of all waste in compliance with the strict requirements set out in Law 7/2022 on waste for a circular economy, as well as in Royal Decree 553/2020, of June 2, which regulates the transfer of waste within the territory of the State (with connection to eSIR) and Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009 of 21 October 2009 laying down health rules concerning animal by-products and derived products not intended for human consumption and repealing Regulation (EC) No. 1774/2002 (Regulation on animal by-products).

With technical support from environmental consultants specialized in waste management who will support you in the implementation, training and start-up, as well as in the maintenance of the system, to control and optimize the integral waste cycle (including Sandach waste).

Easily control and manage your WASTE management

EcoGestor Waste is the perfect software for waste management that allows you to control, store and exchange electronically all the legal documentation required for the transfer and control of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in E3L language, fully adapted and connected to the ESIR platform:

  • Treatment Contract (TC).
  • File of all treatment contracts established for hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
  • Identification Document (DI).
  • Commercial documents (SANDACH).
  • Shipment Notifications (NT).
  • Bills of lading.
  • Unattended connection with ESIR.
ecogestor software residuos
ecogestor software residuos

Why it is the software of choice for customer customers

Ecogestor Waste is the waste management software chosen by hundreds of customers for its ease of use and specialized support. We make waste management easy

Ease of use
Specialized support
Digitization and automation

Zero Waste Certificate

Businesses are being encouraged to adopt sustainable practices and recycling to meet environmental demands.

The Zero Waste Certificate recognises companies that recover their waste, avoiding landfill disposal. To obtain the certificate, companies must follow steps such as conducting a waste inventory, improving traceability and working on waste recovery.

The EcoGestor software can be a valuable tool to improve waste traceability and thus be eligible for the economic and environmental benefits of this certificate.

zero waste

Automatically obtain the chronological file.

Ecogestor is the waste management software, which allows you to automatically obtain the CHRONOLOGICAL FILE required by Law 7/2022 and the annual waste reports for producers and managers.

Annual waste report.

In those cases where the annual presentation of the waste report is required, EcoGestor Waste automatically generates this document where the data of the waste managed and/or the waste produced by each management center is collected.

SANDACH commercial document.

The management of SANDACH requires that, during transport, these by-products must be accompanied by a properly numbered commercial document. This commercial document for national movements is generated automatically by EcoGestor.

Shipment documents: DIs, shipment notifications, bills of lading, processing contracts

All documents associated with the transfer and management of waste automated and digitized through the Ecogestor Waste tool.


Know its advantages

With EcoGestor waste management software, you can reduce the time spent on waste management, comply with waste legislation and optimize costs, as our specialized waste team will take care of everything. These are the main features of the #1 waste management software on the market


Available through the Internet 24×7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).


Several languages. Secure servers that ensure total confidentiality of the data included.


Searches, filters, statistics and reports on the data recorded in an agile and easily viewable way.


Software based on the Environmental Electronic Exchange Language (E3L).


SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, no installation of external components required.


Records and tracks waste and SANDACH.


It adapts to the legal requirements and is constantly updated at no additional cost.


We guarantees quality technical support with extensive experience in the control, monitoring and communication of environmental data.

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Complementary services

ecogestor software residuos

Waste characterization under ENAC accreditation

We have centers accredited as Inspection Entity by ENAC for waste characterization. We take samples for waste characterization and we have accredited testing laboratories for the analysis of all parameters.

ecogestor software residuos

Training in the use of the EcoGestor Waste application.

Ecogestor Waste is a very intuitive software and always accompanied by a consultant specialized in the field. Even so, we offer additional customized training on the advanced operation of the application. Although the use of the software is totally intuitive, sometimes customers seek to get the most out of the tool through customized training.

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Request a free demo and talk to a maintenance technician who will explain all the features and how you can implement Ecogestor Waste in your company.

Ecogestor Waste

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