ENAC accredited controls and specialized consultancy
Controls Accredited by ENAC in the field of Atmosphere

Emissions and Air Quality Control

Automatic Measurement Systems (AMS)

Specialized modeling and consulting

Air Quality and Emissions Testing Laboratory


Emission Control under ENAC accreditation

ENAC accreditation for the performance of pollutant concentration measurements in emissions to the atmosphere of multiple parameters and for all types of activities. Emissions measurements for EPRTR registration.

Immission Measures, Air Quality

  • ENAC accreditation for the performance of immission measurements (air quality) of a large number of parameters.
  • Study of air quality in urban areas, roads, industrial estates, etc.

Automatic Measurement Systems (AMS)

ENAC accreditation according to UNE EN 14181 and UNE EN ISO 16911-2 for the calibration of SAM Automatic Measurement Systems:

  • Calibration Function Determination and Variability Test (NGC2) and Annual Follow-up Test (EAS) for: NOx, TOC, CO, Particulates, SO2, HF, HCl, Humidity, NH3, SH2, O2 and Flow.
  • Determination of the systematic error and standard deviation of the volumetric flow rate.

Atmospheric Emissions Modeling

  • Atmospheric Emission Modeling through Dispersion Studies
  • Composition studies and source contribution to immission levels.
  • Statistical analysis of data
  • Stack height calculation

Specialized Atmosphere Consulting

We carry out all types of specialized consultancy in atmosphere:

  • Memories and projects for processing of authorizations as Potentially Air Polluting Activity (APCA).
  • Legal advice on atmospheric matters
  • Studies for the calculation of the height of chimneys.
  • Preparation of EPRTR reports by means of calculations and emission factors.

Other emission measures

  • Autocontrols
  • Measurements for EPRTR Statement
  • Measurements for design and optimization of wastewater treatment systems or for efficiency evaluation.
  • Biogas sampling and analysis, and gas characterization (biogas for flares, Edars, Hydrogen Plants, landfills, etc…)

Why is an emission control
emissions control?

You may need to perform emission controls in the following scenarios:

  • Regulatory emission controls by requirement in environmental authorizations or legislative framework.
  • Need to perform measurements for EPRTR declaration.
  • Emission measurements for self-monitoring
  • Measurements for design and optimization of emission purification systems.
  • Need to calibrate SAM systems due to legal requirements.
  • Air quality study to comply with a legal obligation.
  • Need to process an APCA Authorization (Potential air polluting activity).
  • Dispersion studies to assess the contribution of sources to air pollution.



The latest technology and equipment allows us to be at the forefront in the field of atmospheric works, being able to adapt quickly to legislative changes. We have a Mobile Unit for continuous air quality control.

We also have a multidisciplinary team of people with high experience that allows us to perform the work under the most absolute rigor and in compliance with the legislative framework.


Why choose us?

01. Quality

Compliance with the highest quality standards.

02. Accreditations

Accreditation with maximum scope.

03. Solutions

Integral environmental solutions

04. Prestige

Belonging to an international group of great prestige.

05. Experience

Expert team with more than 35 years of experience.

06. Specialization

Consulting and specialized advice.

07. Scope

Maximum territorial scope.

Our ENAC Accreditations endorse us

Our ENAC accreditations in the field of atmosphere guarantee our clients the fulfillment of the most demanding quality standards, providing confidence and reliability of the results.

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Eurofins Enviroment Testing Spain is currently the reference in the environmental sector in Spain. Thanks to our multiple ENAC accreditations we offer a comprehensive environmental service in analysis, control, inspection and consultancy.


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