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EcoGestor CMMS is the #1 CMMS software in quality/price ratio

CMMS solution for asset management and preventive and corrective maintenance operations of industrial facilities. Put your maintenance department on autopilot

What does Ecogestor CMMS include?
100% Online Solution
Unlimited use licenses
Mobile application
Specialized Technical Support
Updated Legal Ranges
ecogestor gmao software mantenimiento

What is Ecogestor CMMS?

The most valued CMMS software to digitize industrial maintenance. The ultimate solution you need to digitize and increase the efficiency of your maintenance department while reducing costs and optimizing processes.

Revolutionize maintenance in your company

EcoGestor CMMS is a CMMS (Computer Aided Maintenance Management) solution that allows you to manage all your assets, equipment and facilities of any company.  You can also work remotely and from anywhere with the EcoGestor CMMS App.

What is included in Ecogestor CMMS

  • Asset Management.
  • Equipment inventory control with QR code access.
  • 100% free legal ranges.
  • Corrective and Preventive work orders.
  • Automation of maintenance plans.
  • Planning and management of manpower and working hours.
  • Maintenance KPIs, graphs and statistics.
  • Warnings and notifications.
  • Maintenance history with advanced search engines.
  • Module for the management of breakdowns and work requests.
  • Management of contracts and jobs from external companies.
  • Module for control of spare parts, warehouses and machinery.
  • Document management (drawings, equipment manuals, etc), with unlimited server space.
  • Cost management.
  • Mobile application with the possibility of working offline.
ecogestor gmao software mantenimiento
ecogestor gmao software mantenimiento

Main benefits

Discover why Ecogestor CMMS is the CMMS software that many companies want to have to optimize their maintenance department.


Most important features


Available 24×7, 365 days a year.


Offline, works even if you have no internet connection.


Personalized and specialized.


In industrial maintenance for advice and resolution of doubts


Personalized onboarding system through a specialized consultant.


Specialized technical support. We have the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified System.


Included in the service with permanent updating due to legislative changes.


Multi-language solution (Spanish, English, Portuguese).


Adaptable to any type of organizational structure.


No installation is required.


Quick overhaul with the permanent support of a consultant specialized in industrial maintenance.

Advantages of Ecogestor CMMS

What will you get with Ecogestor CMMS?

  • Increase the productivity of your maintenance department.
  • Save time in job planning.
  • Digitize all your documentation (no more paper and excel).
  • Reduce costs of breakdowns and maintenance.
  • Optimize the efficiency of maintenance works.
  • Increase the availability and useful life of equipment.
  • Make intelligent decisions based on data and KPIs.
  • Improve communication between the technical team.
  • Automatically receive all notifications of failures, breakdowns, expirations.
  • Comply with industrial regulatory legislation.
  • Track the status of any equipment quickly and easily.

Ecogestor CMMS is the ultimate CMMS software for maintenance managers who want to move towards the digital, predictive and efficient maintenance of the future.

Don’t hesitate and try Ecogestor CMMS, the software for intelligent maintenance.

ecogestor gmao software mantenimiento

Ecogestor CMMS mobile application

Remote Work

Includes mobile application (with the possibility of working offline). Work remotely and from anywhere, with or without internet connection.

Identification of assets

Identify your assets through QR codes by scanning them directly with the mobile application.


Management from anywhere, in a simple way, of all the necessary information to facilitate maintenance operations.

Download the APP now

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Use the APP and manage

Do you want to know more about Ecogestor CMMS?

Request a free demo and talk to a maintenance technician who will explain all the features and how you can implement Ecogestor CMMS in your company.

Who can use Ecogestor CMMS?

  • Take full control of maintenance in real time.

    • Have all the information centralized.
    • Take real-time control of maintenance in your organization.
    • Access to all KPIs, graphs and statistics.
    • Consult the global maintenance plan of the equipment.
    • Ensure legal compliance of all equipment without last minute scares.
    • Make smart decisions based on data.
    • Track the status of operations and take timely corrective actions.
    • Keep track of costs associated with equipment maintenance.
    • Receive all notifications centrally.
  • Record the operations performed in a simple way, optimizing work times.

    • View assigned jobs and all necessary information about the equipment and job details.
    • Upload photos or documents
    • Record the status of jobs and fill in your work orders easily.
    • Receive notifications
    • Work from anywhere or remotely
    • View equipment data directly by scanning a QR code
  • Registration of any incident or breakdown in real time and from anywhere.

    • Allows you to register breakdowns and notify them urgently (without the need for calls or e-mails), attaching photographs and all the information.
    • Real-time monitoring of the status of the work requested.
    • Receive notifications

Ecogestor CMMS

Thousands of users already rely on the Ecogestor platform for the management of maintenance, risk prevention and the environment in their organization. Do you want to be part of the Ecogestor community?


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Ecogestor Users


Complementary services

ecogestor gmao software mantenimiento

Integration with legal module (technical-legal ranges)

Have your legal ranges always up to date. We put at your disposal our extensive experience in the legal field and in the industrial sector, offering the possibility of implementing and keeping updated all the routines and preventive legal ranges derived from industrial regulations (high voltage, pressure apparatus, fire protection regulations, storage of chemical products, etc).

ecogestor gmao software mantenimiento

Integration with PPEs

EcoGestor CMMS solution integrates with the PPE module to control deliveries and returns of personal protective equipment from a single tool. In the inventory, PPE is related to the risks it covers and all the information related to user manuals and related documents is archived. The module can be programmed to send alerts with warnings of warehouse stocks. It also allows to digitalize the delivery of PPE to workers.

ecogestor gmao software mantenimiento

Integration with CBA

EcoGestor CMMS can be integrated with the CBA module developed to guarantee prevention in the Coordination of Business Activities. EcoGestor CBA is an online tool supported by senior technicians in Occupational Risk Prevention that allows you to manage quickly and efficiently the documentation related to CBA with an automated control of signatures and total digitization and centralization of all CBA documentation.

ecogestor gmao software mantenimiento

Legislative service specialized in industrial maintenance

With the CMMS EcoGestor CMMS solution you will also have access to the most complete legislation on maintenance and industrial safety. You can integrate the service with Ecogestor Legislation, the leading tool in legislation to have all the legal obligations that your equipment and facilities must comply with in terms of technical regulations.

ecogestor gmao software mantenimiento

Statutory audits of industrial regulations

Our team of auditors specialized in industrial regulations will be able to perform an exhaustive audit or check of all your installations, machines and equipment in your organization, in order to verify compliance with the legislation that applies to them and thus obtain a complete vision of the state of legislative compliance, as well as correct the deficiencies found.

Other Ecogestor Solutions

ecogestor gmao software mantenimiento

Ecogestor PPEs

Personal Protective Equipment management control and tracking software. Digitize and automate the control of epis deliveries to workers, control the stock, the expiration dates of protective equipment. Essential tool for a safe Occupational Risk Prevention.

ecogestor CAE coordinacion actividades empresariales

Ecogestor CBA

Software for the Coordination of Business Activities (CBA) supported by senior technicians in occupational risk prevention. Outsourcing mode available in Spain and Portugal. Optimize the management and coordination of contractors in your workplaces.

ecogestor homologacion proveedores

Ecogestor Waste

Software for the digitization of waste management in a workplace. Automate and digitize all waste documentation with integrations with the platforms of the autonomous communities.

ecogestor legislacion

Ecogestor Legislation

Software to have all the legislation applicable to your organization fully updated, with identification of the specific obligations applicable to your company. It has tools for the management of legal obligations.

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