IPROMA CATALUNYA is born Ana Vazquez


IPROMA CATALUNYA is a new company that comes from the union of experience, technology and technical knowledge of IPROMA and CEDIA, in order to provide a highly qualified and dedicated service for companies and organisms in the fields of environment and industrial hygiene.
IPROMA CATALUNYA’s facilities are located in Sant Celoni (Barcelona). The facilities possess technical equipment and highly qualified personnel to carry out analysis of all kinds of water (waste waters, drinking water, bottled water, sea water, continental water, etc.) and other environmental samples. They are also qualified for sampling and technical advice on environmental subjects.
The company is accredited in accordance with the norm ISO 17025 for water analysis. It also has the ISO 9001 certificate and the acknowledgment as level A technical assistant establishment by the Catalonian Water Agency (Agencia Catalana de l’Aigua).

Líderes en servicios integrales para el medio ambiente. Nuestras acreditaciones ENAC nos avalan.

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Eurofins Enviroment Testing Spain es la red de empresas referente del sector ambiental en España, perteneciente al grupo Eurofins Scientific. Gracias a nuestras múltiples acreditaciones ENAC ofrecemos un servicio integral medioambiental en análisis, control, inspección y consultoría.


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