Radon added to IPROMA radioactivity tests

Radon added to IPROMA radioactivity tests Ana Vazquez

IPROMA has developed testing for Radon through Liquid Scintillation method. This method is based on the light emitted by certain substances when they are crossed by the radiation. Radon among other radioactive elements can be determined using this technique. Furthermore, using the proportional counter technique, IPROMA determinates alpha and beta activity in the water.

Radon is a gas, belonging to the Group of noble gases. It is a radioactive element produced mainly by the decay of 238U, 235U and 232Th, which is found in minerals of uranium and thorium, present in the Earth's crust. Due to the short decay period of isotopes 219Rn and 220Rn, the 222Rn is the most important and the most studied due to its toxicity.

It may occur naturally in the air, by emanations from the ground or produced by nuclear reactions. His presence in the air, especially in confined spaces, may present a risk of developing lung cancer by the presence of isotopes of short lifetime (218Po, 214Pb, 214Bi and 214Po).

Radon has a high solubility and may be present in groundwater, although due to its short lifetime, it is significantly reduced in a few days.

The European Community is currently reviewing the legislation concerning the requirements for the protection of the population health with regard to radioactive substances in water intended for human consumption and radon determination is planned to be added.

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